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Community Heritage Grants 2022 - Repeat

This is a preview of the 2022 Community Heritage Grants Application Form (REPEAT RECIPIENTS) form. When you’re ready to apply, click Fill Out Now to begin.


The Community Heritage Grants program has three funding stages:

  1. Significance assessment
  2. Preservation needs assessment
  3. Conservation and collection management activities

This application is available for organisations who have completed a CHG stage (either a significance assessment or preservation needs assessment) in the past five years (since 2017) and are now applying for the next stage (either a preservation needs assessment or conservation and collection management activities).  Applicants are still required to provide information on their collection and demonstrate the national significance of their collection.  However, if there have been no major changes, applicants can draw upon and summarise the information in their previous application at this stage.  If there have been significant changes to the collection or new information relating to the significance of their collection, this must be documented in the application.